Seeking Feedback, @NoseVac

Many people have seen my videos, (10k+) but I have a very low amount of followers to show for it. I’m very consistent and have posted sometimes 2-4 times a day for about two months now. I constantly collab with others and engage with the community. What can I do to help myself grow? Thanks guys!


I was going to start this subject just now, but since you’ve done it I’ll just comment so that yours goes back to the top of the “latest” feed and gets seen. I also have a ton of loops in proportion to my following and can’t reasonably complain, but I’d be interested in seeing the feedback this post hopefully generates as far as growing a following goes.

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just focus on the right goals. Your loops, not followers is what makes you money on the byte app

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byte may have over a million downloads, but I’m pretty sure the user base dropped HARD after the whole spam bot debacle (not to mention the less-than-stellar bytes on the comedy page). Once the first wave of monetization wraps up and the byte team starts advertising the app online, more people will (hopefully) show up, and a bigger audience should hopefully equate to a greater chance of more people seeing your bytes