Seeing Channel Followers

I’m not sure if it’s been requested before (I did some light searching but didn’t come up with anything definitive) but I’d there a possibility of seeing who follows what channels? I feel like it’d make it easier for people to follow who they like and to choose the content they want to see.

Ik how easily this can get abused (with people going on follow sprees in the pursuit of clout, but I’m thinking there would be like a follow limit on how many people you can add all at once (like a cool down).

But this is just a random idea that I thought would be pretty cool to possibly have :man_shrugging:t5:

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i honestly think the followers should be kept locked cause regardless others will abuse. i get your point and I agree to some but i doubt they’ll do so since they explore page will be overhauled soon! :small_red_triangle_down:


I believe that follower counts can be released, but following should be kept private or non existent. As people see the amount of following vs followers and that creates toxicity.