See trending or top profiles and hashtags

Idk if it was suggested but, right now when you select the search, it’s just a black screen with a keyboard. It would be cool if a list of trending or top profiles and hashtags is shown when you press the search button


There was a trending hashtag spot on the explore page not too long ago, but it only lasted about a day cuz it was very easy to abuse. I don’t think top profiles would be implemented only cuz people don’t really want a competitive environment and lots of numbers that make people compare themselves to others on the app. I think the closest thing to what you want that we have now is the “new and trending” channel which shows some of the trending bytes and/or trending profiles within the past 24 hours. I like the idea of having something to fill up that black space, but I think the team needs to work out the kinks of trending hashtags before bringing it back (if they ever will bring it back).


Yeah, trending hashtags would be great, I’d love to have them.

But the one time they implemented them a dude used alternate accounts and shitty promotion tactics to make himself a trending hashtag, proving that the system was way too easy to abuse and make useless.


Yeah I don’t know if they will bring them back or not. I think they gotta do some fixes on it before they do bring it back though.