See this is what we’re not gonna do

They’re literally posting videos helping new users learn the app. We shouldn’t be supporting any kind of violence from any user (violently retaliating existing users too- which I haven’t seen but heard about) or perpetuating any unfounded hostility. This app could be really awesome- tiktok didn’t have this forum feature. This could be a really nice community for everyone. Normalize being nice, being an alt bully as a whole personality trait isn’t cute and sooooo cliché.

We just got here. We should be banding together to abolish capitalism :nail_care:t4: Not create some strange unfounded gen war. For what? Peace and love yo we could make some amazing content.


Y’know it’s ironic because the application was made by a millenial (Dom)

No offense to ya, Dom. :slight_smile:


now THIS is what i have been referring to! people like this are just evil. EVEN WHEN YOU TRY TO BE NICE. they know what they are doing, they aren’t just some kids. there is literally 0 reason for this!! why do we deserve this man


While there’s no excuse for this. Let’s see how things are today. Things seem to be a lot calmer atm.


Yeah I’m sorry you’ve experienced it. I’m a millennial but I came from tiktok and had a small following there. The internet can be an accepting space, but such a large influx of us came over and some carried a superiority complex.

I haven’t experienced any of it myself but hearing existing creators speak out about how they’ve been affected negatively shouldnt be overlooked and invalidated with “it’s just a joke”. It’s a very strange young crowd that is looking for an accepting community because they felt ignored on tiktok and hyped up here.

I’m just embarrassed by it. We’re not all like that and if “alt” is actually alternative, they’re nice and accepting. They won’t come at you with a superiority complex and say “they’re colonizing the app”.


More gen z creators are speaking up about it and chilling out.


Should be a zero tolerance policy for hate and abusive behavior like this. Accounts should be given a warning first and then banned for 30 days or so when they continue to be toxic. I think some people are seeing this more than others. Wherever it is happening it needs to be stopped. Though it is probably a minority of tiktok users that are bringing this toxic behavior it really stands out because before the wave, byte was nothing but a positive and supportive place. Byte is the very type of accepting home that alt-tiktokers can escape the abuse they received on tiktok. It’s important they don’t bring their culture of hate and toxic behavior with them here. Even now that they have this safe place, some are still playing the victim simply because others are objecting to the toxic behavior some have brought with them. It just needs to stop. As I have said before, have fun creating video content, and when leaving comments be respectful. It’s not hard. The “no :heart:” and “leave” or “you can stay” is all coming from tiktok users, it is not respectful or funny and does not reflect the very welcoming atmosphere we have provided to them.


The death threats are so wrong, yes I would love to have no hate here but I don’t really see that as a possibility. The way gen z handles things is through humor they have gone through so much in the last 2 years, this is the way they respond to that with jokes and sarcasm. But I would love to find a way to get ride of the extremely hurtful things and not start a generation war


Yeah this makes me kinda sad to see. I know a lot of it is just sarcastic or whatever, but it is draining when you’re used to pretty much only positive comments.


this is funny and makes absolutely no sense, because there were/are TONS of gen z (including myself) in the og byte community who DON’T act this way. like i’ve said before, it’s not OUR generation, it’s TIKTOK CULTURE. stop using our generation as an excuse to cover up being unoriginal, unfunny jerks because it’s cool to be edgy!!!1.

if you’re reading this and you’re offended, then you are the problem.

be your own person, be yourself, stop following the lame trends of being an ass just because it’s "cool or trendy"

when you grow up you’ll realise.


tiktokers revived the app lets not lie


Boy, you have zero Bytes. What did you revive? :rofl:


Yeah, this is not a generational thing, it’s a tiktok thing. We had plenty of Genz here just… chilling like the rest of us? My sister is a Genz and she doesn’t attack others mindlessly?

I don’t want you all guys to feel attacked, I just want y’all to stop attacking us. Slowly, just by not joining in on the toxic trends, these things can change. You can change how you act to make it better for everyone, including yourselves.

Fun fact! When you are toxic to others online you feed a vicious cycle in your own mental state and make it much harder for your own mental health! I was edgy when I was a teen too, but as people reached out and I let myself be influenced by more positive spaces, I started changing. And honestly? It’s way better this way.


I 100% agree with u

With a ton of new users, yes. That’s amazing and that’s what we wanted!

Now use the app and make some cool stuff!


thats the spirit

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be nice be nice i mean you’re not wrong…

I’m gen z and I’ve had the app for a few months. The influx of negative users does not represent us all. Us teens are not all like this.


Where’s this idea coming from that Gen Z’s self-deprecating sense of humor is at all unique? Prior to Gen Z holding the title of America’s Most Depressed Generation it was given to us millennials. A lot of our humor is dark, bleak, and questionable. Even at that, millennials did not originate the concept of using humor as a way to cope with pain. You’re explaining tragedy and comedy; something humans have been using together for centuries.

Where do these TikTokers think internet culture came from, thin air? Millennials laid the ground work and now they’re elevating our humor and creating their own energy. All of that is fantastic and I love it, but come back to reality a bit: your generation doesn’t own offensive comedy.

You have to understand that offensive humor carries a risk. You are always near crossing a line. Make sure you don’t. That’s what we need here. The bullying is not funny. It isn’t acceptable. That’s the only thing people on here have taken issue with.


Don’t worry. I’m sure nobody here thinks this is a Gen Z problem. Trolls have existed since always; it’s just the internet gave them a larger platform.