Security on the app

This isn’t an idea I guess its a concern as a new user. I can literally log in to anyone’s byte account if I know their Gmail name. It doesn’t ask for a password nothing like that. It’s a concern

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It doesn’t ask for a password because you’re already logged into your Gmail account. If you try to log into a new one then it will ask for a password


I realise that now but what we need is extra security on top

so you have to be logged in to their gmail- you have to have their google username and passowrd

and how would that work

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Accounts are linked to an email and password and if you have 2-factor authentication set up through google account then it will also ask you to verify with a code from a device.

If you are still at risk after these issues or concerned, back up all your videos frequently and save a database of users you follow


I have 2 factor authentication on Gmail. I’ll try to log in from another device


The app is very secure. On iOS we have sign in with apple, and sign in with google. Using the apple sign in way, users are able to create an account with end to end encryption through apple servers. Apple’s way is a really secure way to create an account. You can also use Sign in With Google which is also very secure. As long as you have a good password you should be fine.


Nice solution unfortunately I’m on Android and my byte account is made by Gmail. Help me make 2 logins to the account one on apple and Gmail if that’s possible

the only thing that sucks about apple is that now i cant sign in on my android >:(
theres even sign in with apple on android just byte doesnt have it, my account is loosing followers due to my inactivity since i cant sign in on my android

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Omg that’s a bummer that’s why we need to have 2 types of logins if that’s the case. Just in case or we can change our emails to a Gmail account instead of apple email


You can’t log in on Android with apple ID. Which is why I’m suggesting changing the way you log in as an option which is an idea I just had