Security of user's profile and information

@dom In light of recent events involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, what measures will be taken to ensure our information will be protected and kept private?


I hope they will make an effort to not end up the same way that Facebook did. In general I just hope V2 are much more transparent about the way that the platform would work


Facebook owns Instagram so wouldn’t that also mean that our instagram info has been used?

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I think yes, we have some personal information (like the number of our phones or some address) that it will be in private, Also, Whats happen with Facebook?

Everything we put on the internet has a chance of getting out there… I’m not trying to be negative, but we have to understand that once we put something on the internet it’s no longer only ours. Facebook violated our trust by letting people’s info get out but people have to understand that with modern technology and companies and even hacker, a lot of people have probably seen your addresses and stuff they obviously don’t care enough to go further into it.


Here’s two articles that explain the Facebook-Cambridge Analytical situation. Essentially Cambridge Analytica scraped Facebook user’s data, and then used this data to map user’s personality traits. These personality traits were then analyzed to determine their susceptibility to certain political advertisements. The purpose of this was to get Trump elected, and many argue he wouldn’t have been elected without this interference (though I personally disagree).

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