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Hey, I just want to say I love the app however, the 6 second thing is what made vine destroy itself. YES I know you want to keep the “vine tradition” BUT in order to survive in this media market at minimum you need atleast 10 seconds. 15 seconds would be ideal. If you can make that happen you will guarantee Bytes success. To be brutally honest 6 second videos just aren’t funny anymore. YES there are some whitty clever ones but overall most videos are cringey and forced. I’ve read hundreds of comments saying the same thing. Please take this into consideration. Also I think it was a bad idea releasing it so unpolished :(. No follow counter, no direct profile or video linking, loads of things are missing you’re using your initial boost and its giving people the wrong idea. Thank you for creating a great app & I hope it gets better


Idk if this discussion can take off. I’ve floated it a couple times and people seem to not like it. I think changing video length right now before the app gets popular is idea. If they even want to change. I guess time will tell. The app will probably succeed either way. But bring a new wrinkle to an old idea could be a good idea.


Tbh, I only think it should be increased to 8 even if Dom ever considered it. This isn’t vine, this isn’t tiktok, this isn’t any other social media platform or looping app. This is byte, having the time at 8 seconded it’s perfect because of the name (8 bits makes one byte) and it’s still caps users at a small amount of time, but gives a tiny bit more freedom that a lot of users could take advantage of.

8 seconded is new, original, relates to the apps name, and would give everyone a compromise.

But if Dom is reading this, stick to your gut. Don’t let us influence you on a decision like this. It’s your wagon, paint it any color you want. I’m always gonna use it.

I don’t like using tiktok because it’s a Chinese corporation that supports anti lgbtq ideals.

You are a human I can know and are a great guy.


I agree. 8 seconds is cool. But 6 is whatever. Ten is more about marketing. I think it would draw in more new people and keep them. 6 seconds is hard. No doubt about it.


6 seconds keeps everyone on their toes and thinking cause they dont have extra time to cushion bad content
We just take the L n move on


True. Definitely like 6. Don’t think 8 would change things very much. But just makes the app not a successor to another one. This idea is more about trying to build a byte specific identity


That makes sense though. I agree 8 wouldn’t affect much and could be a nice boost personally but I also love the 6 secs turning everyone into eminem to fit what they have to say


Hahaha. Good point. I guess we’ll see. I don’t see it changing. But who knows. Maybe they actually read the forums and will think about it


I like 8 seconds


I think 8 seconds would be perfect. Why?

  1. Byte = 8 bits, hence 8 seconds
  2. More time to express smth in a byte, it can be observed currently that some bytes get cut off too soon
  3. Time limits for looping vids have changed. With byte at 6 secs and IG & TikTok at 60 secs, byte just seems too short. With an 8 second time limit, more content can be added while keeping that “short” time frame
  4. If we can change from square to portrait mode, why can’t we change from 6-8 seconds?

some of these things are on purpose, to avoid ‘clout chasers’.

8 seconds makes sense from the POV of the name ‘byte’.


Personally, I’m fine with 6 seconds. In Comedy, the joke is quick; you get to the punchline quickly, and you don’t spend ages waiting for the point where you laugh.


I think the time for the videos should be 10seconds it’s straight to the point but not ridiculously short. I think byte should market itself as something original and fresh not as a complete nostalgia tug from Vine


I mean if the nostalgia tug will work why not. Does byte wanna just start up that old app. Or make a new app? I can go for either. This is more about … what’s the vision the creators have


“6 seconds isn’t funny anymore” is not too believable when people are still watching and laughing at Vine compilations. The problem is not the length, is that there’s too many people trying to become famous just because, without having any talent or creativity for it. Creating bad content because tiktok warped the idea of “what is fame worthy” in a very incomprehensible way, and encouraged bad content.

At the same time, making it 15 seconds would compete directly with tiktok. People would not stop uploading their tiktoks, since they can make it there and then post it without any sort of changes.


@dom 8-10 seconds featured in the future could be great? :joy:

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THIS !!! greatness


Yeah you have a fair point. But you have to think outside of what me & you like. I like 6 seconds its cool BUT do they want a successful app or a nostalgic app? They have to blend the best of both worlds because lets visit this in a business standpoint. I’m sure Dom has great passion for this app BUT it has to generate money and be successful in order to survive, thats one reason vine died it became a major cost for twitter. The OG vine fans will love it but Byte must also secure the “new teens” lol to secure its survival. I’ve seen mainly older people on vine probably people from the old vine age lol. I’m 25 myself. Just speaking my thoughts. Love what you said though


Agreed, it needs to happen now before they use to initial hype so far these “new tweens” aint buying byte and lets face it they are a crucial key to bytes survival