Seasonal Featured Creator

Byte may have plans already but I thought we could suggest who we think would be fitting featured creators for this month.

@TheGreatJBallz obviously.

@Remedlin could make a Halloween comeback to byte.

Who do you fancy? Let me know in a comment below and don’t forget to smash that like button.


The current featured creator does create mainly horror content!

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Yeah I realise that, they do change them up though

Does a feature last all month? If so I’ll change the topic and make this a place for people to share spoopy creators.

I am extremely happy with features creators and I personally am very excited for every creator that gets a chance in the spotlight.

With things like this I am usually happy to let the byte team make choices as it removes any popularity contest type of dealings. They can choose popular creators and they do a good job recognizing niche artists too

Just an extra shoutout to @jballz for being a cool and positive guy regardless though

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OK then I’ll go again I guess.

@LukaBigPants makes incredible dark content.

Quick note to all, im not suggesting we have any power to make choices like this or trying to push my friends. If you are able to handle the responsibility, I would love to hear what witchy/creepy/dark comedy/horror etc content creators you think others should know about!