Searching With Hashtags On Byte

I wonder how hashtags will work on the app. Will you just see most recent or most popular search from those hashtags? Will you be able to use as many hashtags as you want or will there be a certain limit so it doesn’t come off as spam? Will searching for hashtags show that same hashtag used by people you follow first? Or all byters on the app?

Or an idea would be to look for hashtags used on a specific date like you can on Twitter.


I would love it if they expanded the search function to include hashtags as when you post a video to a category it eventually gets pushed out by new bytes (I noticed that the categories eventually have a cut off which makes sense). So have an alternative way for your bytes to be discovered would be beneficial.


I remember on Vine, the same page that had the popular and category pages also displayed a list of the top 10 (or maybe it was 20, can’t remember) trending hashtags being used at the time. I’m hoping Byte will do the same.

There didn’t seem to be a limit to number of hashtags on Vine, although there was a limit to the video caption length, so, at some point you’d just run out of room. But maybe a limit of 10 hashtags per video is plenty.