Searching through a specific user’s posts

Any chance we could categorize our own content to find old posts easier or a way to search through a specific users’ content with certain hashtags?


In the community forum or in V2?

V2, sorry should’ve specified.

Dont worry

Wait like create an album or

Wait so like searching key words to find a video?

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Maybe categorize them to be searched by Dates (Month/Year), so it could at least narrow it down, or as well, instead of having a Scroll Down feature like most Social Media, it could be a Page Swipe by swiping left and only having 30 or so per page. Take away from the long constant scrolling.

Yes so it’s go from oldest to newest, most popular, newest to oldest and then you could filter categories or something? Like on YouTube

A good way to do this is to have a filter system. It would be the same as adding a hashtag to your post. And then you could search that tag to find the video your looking for. The more tags you add the easier it would be to find that specific post.

A filter system or playlist system would be helpful to de clutter a profile! I definitely wouldn’t mind it

I said something like this on another page, but I’ll say it again. Itd be really cool if the person who posts the video could type the commentary/theme of the video so it would be searchable to everyone. Now, this wouldn’t be displayed, it’d be hidden to everyone except the creator. Just search “an avacado thanks”, for example, and have the videos come up arranged by popularity, so you can find what you’re looking for!