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Hey guys,
Just a quick request, that I think a lot of people have thought about but not posted about.
Searching for users on Byte is kinda difficult. You have to write the full name or most of it before the Byter you’re searching for comes up.
Would it be possible to make a rank system, so often searched users or people you follow come up faster? This is what most platforms have done.

It’s a pretty small thing, but it does a lot for getting around the app and the user-friendliness.


Yes I agree


This has been suggested before. Pretty sure it’s in the large thread.


I think it would also be beneficial for the search to look at all substrings, not just ones that start with the first character. But I’m pretty sure the byte team already has this on their list because it’s pretty obvious.


I would also love to be able to add byters to my own personal lists. So I can create lists for comedy, or for art, or for new creators I want to support. Different lists for different reasons. It would be more convenient than searching for every user like I have been doing.


Epic… linking this thread

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Yeah hopefully!

That’s a brilliant idea, so you could have sections on your main page, with the different groups of people. that would be so cool! Would make it a lot easier to engage with the users you want to engage with

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Oh great! That means I’m not the only one!

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Yeah that would be great!!