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I think the creators of Byte have to focus on giving Byte a search engine mechanism to compete with Youtube. So people can become more inclined to search for the viral Byte video on the Byte app itself, rather than going on Youtube. And then, the question of monetization can rise, but once there is much traffic on the app, it will be a no-brainer.

I am just throwing my ideas out there, and if it is something the creators are already working on, that’s perfect. I’m sure the creators are working pretty hard, and I am very excited for Byte to take off!


Byte won’t be in competition with YouTube though so no one will use one instead of the other

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But, I feel like since this is going to be a “Video” looping app, the competition with Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram will be inevitable. If it needs to establish its footprint in nowadays social media landscape where video marketing is dominant, then it will somehow figure out a way to stand out and provide something that other platforms already do, but in a more unique way.

I don’t know much about the app as of now, so I might be speaking out of terms here. But, I hope Byte can become an app that embodies the core philosophies of Vine and has the enough features to compete and sustain.


Interesting ! #ByteFam

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Byte will be its own thing. I know some creators who have anxiety about the success of the app but don’t worry about that. There’s a lot of love, time, effort and care going into the app. We’re NOT in competition with anybody. (Youtube, Tik Tok, etc.)