Search, Comment ranking and Bio Tagging

I’ve thought about a lot of things that would be cool to add to byte. Here are a few:

Search Ranking
The search feature on Byte is kinda confusing. You have to write the whole username before the Byter you’re looking for comes up, even tho you’re following them…It would be cool if people you follow or people who are searched up a lot can be ranked higher then the hundreds of accounts that don’t even have any content yet.

Likable Comments
I’ve seen a lot of people talking about pinnable comments, but I also like the idea of being able to like comments, so that the best ones can rank higher.

Bio Tagging
A lot of people are creating collab accounts on Byte, where they’re a group of creators making stuff together. It would be cool to be able to tag people in your bio so that I can for example tag @Hungerhouse.

Last but not least, I just wanna say thank you to dom and his team for the amazing work they’re doing and the amazing service here on the forums. I’m so excited for more people to get on this app and I’m doing everything i can to get my friends and my audience to join aswell.
Samson Blay - @Samsonblay


Search ranking makes sense to add hopefully @dom and his team considers.

But however, some of the ideas you mentioned are being worked on or was already mentioned.

Upcoming Updates

Bio Tagging


Bump. Not seeing people you follow on search first is pretty frustrating.