Scrolling for Long Captions?

Please change category if needed, and please enlighten me if this has been already discussed. @dom

I recently posted a shout out video and tagged a good amount of byte creators along with a message. I purposely used and maxed out all the characters so i could to fill the caption. But i noticed that the caption only took a portion of what i wrote. Now it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Peoples tags who were not visible were still notified that i mentioned them, but most of them said they couldn’t see their name and couldn’t scroll down to see if their name was there. I tried scrolling myself and it seems possible to scroll the caption cause it glitches down to the other names BUT it isn’t like a seamless scroll down.

So to the point of this topic is, can there be an added feature or and update that can allow you to scroll the caption easily? Below is the Byte in question.


love this idea! Definitely agree this should be added :slight_smile: maybe even a feature like instagram has that adds a “read more” button


I never realized this until now! I usually keep my limit a little low so I would have never knew this but yeah they should be a way to see more of a caption if it is a little long.