Scrolling Crash

When scrolling through some profiles after about the fifth byte, app will crash. That happened to me while scrolling through @brandongrogan and @TrippyCity ‘s content.

This is still happening

is this on the new beta or the app store build?

I’m still running beta @dom and it’s happening when I scroll channels now too

I can screen grab if you like

sure. also what kind of phone and which OS/version?

iPhone Xs

Of course it’s fine when I try and screen grab

okay, we’re seeing a similar issue from @LittleDewDroplets, also on iOS 12. interesting. it was also fine intermittently :slight_smile:

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can you try installing the app store version (or an older beta) if this continues and let me know if it helps? you can always reinstall from testflight later

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I haven’t updated in ages, but I’ll give it a go later in the night and report back.

Thanks dude! :v:t3:

Ok will do

we’ve identified the crash and are working on a fix

Damn! That was quick!

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thanks for reporting it :slight_smile: