School Starting

For some users in this forum I’m sure are starting school on Tuesday, as well as myself. I will not be able to be AS active in the forums but I plan to catch up on as many topics and questions as possible. @Dom will us going back to school, will it effect how the “creator” forum is put together?

I hope it isn’t slow cause i get back to school on wednesday


Naw I’m going to still be as active as possible. Catch me in Spanish class while on my phone


I’m personally worried about missing IMPORTANT information without there being Notifications for the forum yet.

I do feel as if it is important Dom will make a new post

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I wouldnt influence that but, can’t control what you do. :joy:

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Hopefully! :+1:t3:

yeah if he allows us to like reserve our names for vine for like 10 mins and I miss it im going to be sad


I doubt it, first come first serve once V2 comes out

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or the beta tho

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Very much agreed, not very worried about a username. But still worried about ANY information I must see.


If the betaI think he will make a post saying when it will be lol

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yeah we’ll see, im gonna jump on here all the time during class

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I’ll do my best to get on :joy: my school is pretty small but if social media doesn’t work it for me, I need to keep my education where it is at now.

True ! I am going to try social media , but still attending college and making games lol

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Best of luck bro! Coding and pro gaming can be gifted to some but very difficult to others. I hope all goes well for you in this Here year 2018.

Thanks man! To you too! Especially for V2 when it comes out! Stay focused on school as well :smile:

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Will do BUT, Viral Vids < Education.

Jokes. But yes I’ll be focused on both.

yeet im always going to be on this, geometry wont stop me