School food

What is ur opinion on school food ?:joy:


The cakes were nice and so were the dough nuts :eyes:


Eh some days the food was good, others meh. But I never really had a huge problem with it.


Spicy Chicken Sandwiches were clutch


Yes! The chicken sandwiches were always so good

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The lobster is okay.


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like 40% of it is decent
60% of the 40% is REALLY good


It’s expensive af, I’m broke

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Primary school food was great. Secondary, on the other hand, was naff.

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Bad in Elementary. Bad in Middle School. Bad in High School. Bad in college. Stick with fast food and self cooked meals.

i never ate it

tb when i saw hair on my food

Should try and burn the cheese and see what it does

It’s ok at my school, just really expensive.

How food looked like at my highschool. And if I’ve got a good memory, the price was between 5 or 6€

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It was crappy CPS food, so it was kinda meh.
The pizza was already really good, and they gave us an option of hot sauce, and lemme tell you boi, cheese pizza with valentina is everything, bby.


I miss rectangular pizza served with corn and chocolate milk. Feast of champions

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In Germany its kinda interesting

We have some kind of a Kiosk and we buy some pre made food, like Chocolate Bars, Pretzels, we also have Sausages, Cutlet buns and some other stuff. It is okay but nothing beats Home Made food

Explosive diarrhea is the first thing that came to mind. lol

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True haha

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