Scheduled Uploads and Time Frame bar

On youtube, You can have scheduled uploads. How bout for v2, we should have the option to post scheduled uploads if you wanted to so we can just put out content at certain times if you like that. also in the bio bar, it should have a time frame of when the user usually post so people know when they upload everyday. Im pretty sure everyone will be trying to become the next “big star” so theyll post everyday multiple times to get big. soooo thats means people might want schedule them… idk its just an idea i just thought of


Wow that’ll actually be a super helpful idea. Especially cuz some people may be posting more than one V2 a day so their followers will know when to expect the posts


The scheduled uploads have already been included in All Ideas/Suggestions For V2. I like the idea of the time frame. maybe something to say “Next scheduled upload at this time”


Yes exactly

Yeah, schedule at this “time”

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Tumblr has a similar feature where you make a thing and you can either post it now or post something once a day or something like that. really helpful for if you make your vids in batches but don’t want to manually keep track of and upload them every couple hours or whenever. It would definitely be nice!


I like this idea. Helps us properly plan beforehand


it would be perfect

There should definitely be a limit in which how many times you can post a day.


actually yeah. People will be posting like crazy and we got to have a limit on that so it doesnt get cluttered

I would like it to have that, I used it a lot on YouTube in my time that uploaded videos, just do not think that uploading daily content is the best way to be recognized, this can overwhelm your audience, run out of content quickly or get tired of the app. There are many great YouTubers that upload content two or three times a week.
Upload daily content can be a good way to generate audience, as long as you are already recognized, earn a lot of money with the app and do not have many responsibilities more than your job, in this case V2.
But to start doing content uploading videos every day, it is a bit exhausting and if you add to this, studies, jobs and responsibilities, it is very tiring.
Youtubers that upload daily content without being big channels are mostly people who make Daily Vlogs or Gameplays, which does not require much editing work and thinking a lot.