Scared!., 😓

Tbh im kinda scared of the new trends r gonna on v2 considering all the stupid stuff thts going on (tide pods, snorting condoms) i really hope nothing this stupid shows up on v2

it will lol. don’t see a problem with it really. you don’t need to look at it. i don’t think anyone will be eating tide pods lol but stupid trends will happen. people find them funny, nothing wrong with that.


I’m pretty sure the tide pods thing is dead, and I havent been seeing anything about snorting condoms lol

I’ve seen it. It’s horrifying :upside_down_face:

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there are some trends that are funny but I advise all of you to refrain setting yourself on fire or eating laundry detergent. I think the dance challenges were okay or the smack cam that produced a legendary vine.

Trends will end up on v2, maybe even come from v2. Sadly that’s just what social media is like.

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I agree with @bex, it’s gonna happen regardless… that’s why it’s called a trend. I atleast hope people are safe abt it, like ppl should make some sort of edibles versions of household cleaning chemical that theyre going to consume. You know what they say “fake it, ‘til you make it” :grimacing::grimacing:

You can’t have a large social media platform without trends.

Not saying i dont want trends im jus saying i dont want shit like ppl snorting condoms

Hey people snorting condoms is ok for entertainment too.

The thing is, those stupid trends aren’t actually funny. People who think that they’re going to get Internet fame should know that even those who laugh won’t care tomorrow.


So, so negative. It’s not abt being remembered in most cases when ppl upload a 6sec video… for me I actually like making videos but I’m way too lazy to do a full one, I post some of my videos on Facebook and I have ppl that come and tell me some of them are funny… so for me it’s not abt “being remembered tomorrow”, it’s the fact that it took me less than ten second to make someone smile/laugh… there’s more to it.

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