Scammers on apps

This is an idea and should be followed by all social media in general such as snap chat and Instagram have accounts with fraudsters luring in people by flashing money and shoes online.

We need to delete such users such as the comments they make to pull people in. Possibly get their location and report it to the police. This issue isn’t taken seriously by companies and these groomers should be taken down


changed from #idea to #off-topic, please only use the idea category for ideas/feature requests for the byte app & service :slight_smile:


Can you please tell me more about this app how i can use ? how can have people for read and replay ?

It’s to do with the byte app. Is it an idea to track down grooming accounts maybe since nobody else does it. Anywho I don’t know if it’s off topic because it’s to do with tracking them down on the byte app

Use this forum? Or use the byte app in general?

I think this is why we don’t have DMs and links yet. :thinking:

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you said in the start that it isn’t an idea lol

My bad I realized that too I’ll change it