Saved v***s, ready to upload

There was a version of Vine where you were able to have until ten vines saved in the app. You could have them stored there and after hours, days or months upload them. This seemed like a great option, will it be in V2?


I agree with that but it might make V2 App a bit more Space Taking. So its better to keep in Phones memory.

I personally found no use in drafts, for myself or others as far as I could see. Aside from an occasional funny post about “this was in my drafts and I have no idea what was going on inside my head”, it didn’t serve a purpose. I’m sure many people still used the feature, but I’m not sure how useful it is. I could do with the ability to save a creation on my default storage medium. This also allows for easy editing before actually uploading.

On top of this, @ElyasDeBrown points out that on most phones, the amount of storage the app takes will increase and might cause problems with people who are low on storage. It essentially adds another layer of confusion to the already-confusing folders structure of your typical smartphone. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have the feature though. I’d like to hear from someone who used that feature on vine and found it particularly useful.

Queued/scheduled vines goes perfectly with what you’re saying. I think it would be a great addition to v2.

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I like the idea… but I’m with @ElyasDeBrown it would take a lot of space on the app. I rather have it our phone memory.