Samsung or iPhone?

I’m an apple user myself :apple:

I love how they’ve made all devices interact with each other, being able to send files between the Macbook and iPhones or to continue on projects through the apps on the different devices.

What do you prefer? I’m not so familiar with Samsung or any other company… Do they have any advantages over Apple?

Please tell me what you find for the pros and cons of the different companies :-1:/:+1:
I’m curious to see what other people prefer :slight_smile:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung

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Samsung still keeps their headphone jack :joy:

Apple is sticking to a new design concept

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iPhone. Designed for much for privacy, ease of use and the auto correct is not bad.

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I feel as if iPhone is more basic and easier to use.


I never use apple

Haha :joy: It sucked that they removed the headphone jack, but now I kind of like wireless headphones more, it’s nice to not have any cables tangled in your pocket :wink:
Hate that Apple’s airpods are so overly expensive though…

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I’ve had both, it’s very “what you need it for”. I personally need an iPhone for what I do but Android is pretty alright.

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Agreed, I always get my headphones caught on something (using the adapter)

What do you use? :slightly_smiling_face:

Samsung A5

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