Same Usernames?

Do you think we will be able to use the usernames we created here on the app when it releases? Or will we have to make new ones?

Will the usernames we used on Vine going to carry over to V2?

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check out this topic by dom!


same usernames should be allowed

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thank you!

V2 is a completely different platform, you get a fresher start with a new username.

I agree. I don’t see a reason why the people who were here from day one wouldn’t be able to be granted their same usernames. This is basically what everyone on here now knows each other as. So say for instance you like what a user has to say and you begin to follow their posts on here, well when the new app launches, how will we be able to find them? Millions of people are going to sign up and we’re going to have to start over.

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People could make posts saying what their username is after the launch