Safe v***s like video

So it would be nice to have a feature where you’re able to save vines to your gallery so your are able to share them like a video. But a problem surges if that comes into place, plagiarism, there would have to be a way to give credit to the original creator without stealing his content.
I don’t know if it’s a good idea but it’s an idea.


So save in your gallery? Or like Instagram save?

Like to your gallery

If V2 doesn’t do this there will be a developer will make one and it won’t stop anything unless a watermark is made

First watermark the save them as video

Yes of course !

Im thinking something like when you save a, towards the end theres a huge watermark thing and in the corner

I don’t use that, but people could cut if off right?

saving vines directly from the source would create too many issues

but on the other side, someone will make an app to do it anyway

This thread kind of talks about watermarking in general:

This comment seems to definitely support the fact that you can easily crop out a watermark.

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Really don’t like this idea at all. I know people will make apps that save your videos anyway, but let them. I don’t think V2 should just provide people who steal content the tools to do it. Whereas some people might repost a funny video of themselves or their friends, I edit videos and add a watermark. Watermarks are easily cropped and there’s is nothing in it signifying that it belongs to me beside the watermark.

as handy as this would be, Dom said you won’t be able to because of content theft