Sad not to be able to use byte day 3

Hi team, sorry in advance for super long post trying to include as much info as possible thanks for your time,
Samsung S9 Beta (cache cleared app deleted & re-installed)
I have emailed you guys but had no response as of yet, I know y’all a small team & busy so thought I might try here. To see if anyone can help me.
My byte is stuck in a weird glitch!
The last post on my page is not the last thing I posted. (In my notifications people are liking & comment on said post but if I press on that it takes me to a blank screen) a couple of my bytes to other byters have (including this one) a loading clock on them.
When I go down my tl I see about 3 seconds of a video & it starts again or throws me back to the top of the page.
When I go to my profile it shows me the 2nd to last byte which jumps & glitches round the page.
It won’t let me post .since Friday night.
Finally & this was just a minor thing compared to above; (just to let u know) when my byte was working Since most recent update I can not post a video directly from my editors (inshot/ power director) onto byte.
It gives me the option but then takes me to byte & before it would simply upload ready to edit or post, but now it just opens byte,I have to press tools then find & insert the video. (Like I say no biggy here compared to not being able to use the app at all)
Missing byte fam & scroll time please please help!
ty for the Dm’s keep up the good work.