Sad Days for Android

I want to be clear that I understand that free speech exists, and I get it, but I’m not a fan of peeps getting made fun of. Let’s begin:

One of my biggest grievance with Twitter and Vine is that memes and videos about how sucky Android cameras are extending as far as mocking Android users for merely saying their videos look just as good pop up from iPhone users and then it blows up incredibly fast. Like, if the Android phone camera really DOES suck, then why would you add insult to injury by mocking them. And if the Android phone camera is decent, why make fun of them for being equal or marginally worse than an iPhone camera. I just don’t get why it blows up so quickly. Every time these frustrations well up in me, I repeat to myself that maybe people have been insulting Apple people for their phones so much, and I just never ever ever see it but happen to see tons of memes and interactions with people making fun of how poor Android users are or how crappy their phones are. Obviously, I’m saddened by it, and my will to believe that one day the paradigm will shift that we can all be respectful continues to fade. I think what gets me the most is that seeing the byte making fun of Androids and Android users exist has been commonplace for me, but seeing how many more rebytes and likes they get compared to some of the other bytes I end up watching is highly discouraging.

I don’t know. Does anyone else using Android feel unwelcome on this app or felt unwelcome on Vine or Twitter?


Made a post talking about this, so I did my research

Its not that deep tbh, its like stereotypes but its completely harmless lol. Theres stuff about iphones too.


i own the Samsung A40 and the camera is good on that android is still ok

I got a Galaxy s10 and I have yet to feel not welcomed on this app. Haters gonna hate though.

@armansingh right. No matter what phone you got, people going to still make fun of it. A phone is a phone.

I’ll agree that for :vine: the quality was terrible but tbf the phones in general were bad. i think it was Danny Gonzalez but he said the quality was so bad he had to film on a friends phone. I mean the phone quality has improved so its not much to get worked up over and most android users dont have bad quality on the byte app except for a few cough @senorpequenos cough


I haven’t recieved any hate, and I do all of my recording and editing on my Galaxy Note 9. But hey, I’m open for a good roast :ok_hand:t5:

I feel where you’re coming from. The jokes are rude but try not to take it too personally, it’s become a meme at this point and memes don’t always take feelings into account. I think people are trying to be funny more than they’re trying to be cruel. Maybe think of a joke for a byte to combat that kind of joking! Shine light through humor on how silly the meme is. I use an iPhone 5 and spent $200 bucks on it, maybe make some sort of joke reacting to stuffy iPhone folks with a receipt of an expensive android you bought or something like that. It might make you feel better. Just my thoughts! Best of luck to ya!


I saw a meme in real life yesterday this dudes Android battery fell out

I only saw jokes about Android a few years ago regarding the Snapchat camera but I would say it’s overused or not funny now. At one point in Vine people who used the old iPhone charger (for iPhone 4s and before) were made fun of.

Just ignore it, everything is a joke in the internet so if you take it to the heart you’re going to be mad about a lot of things.

cough f u cough :joy:


I honestly haven’t seen a meme about iPhones being in any way inferior to Androids ever. It could be because iPhones are, in many ways, better than Android phones. It could also be that there is a culture of making fun of Androids and their users. I think it’s just frustrating when iPhone users (not saying you are because I don’t know if you are) tell me that it’s harmless when they were never on the receiving end of a very long-standing joke.

I’ve come to terms with haters gonna hate. I’m just frustrated that this overused joke is still hitting 1023984029384 likes and 1029348029380923 rebytes. At least, it’s much higher than many of the other Bytes I’m watching.

This actually makes me laugh. It’s factual and doesn’t necessarily make fun of the user.

<3 <3 <3 I’m not really one to fight fire with fire because I don’t think that solves anything, but I really really really appreciate everything you said. I thought that maybe just bringing the issue to light would help somehow. Partially hoping that it would be a chain effect of people just realizing that this joke is tired and is starting to make people feel bad. I know I read about how Byte is really pushing more respectful content, so it was a little jarring to see the same old joke be told. Thanks again for your kindness!! <3 <3


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Most kids with an iPhone get it from their parent and are helped out or their grandparents pay their light bill