RWBY Abridged - Community Project

Alright, the project is a go! This will be the main thread to act as a guide for this project (overview, roles, schedules, etc.)

We can communicate as a group here, on the other forum thread (linked here) or on Discord for any project-related topics or issues, just dm or tag me so I know you need something.

I have a good feeling about this project, and I hope you will come onboard to sharpen your skills and create something fun!



This project is an animated abridged parody series that is based from the RoosterTeeth series RWBY. The bulk of animation will be sourced from the original series; we will have our own script, voice actors, and video/sound effects to create episodic content.

Much like most abridged series, the main project will not be monetized due to copyright law. This does not mean we can use this project as an opportunity to build our skills as creators and explore the different possibilities that can come from this project.

The majority of the episodes will be released on YouTube, but we can discuss releasing on other platforms at a future date (granted that we can).

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Abridged stuff is great so why not? My personal favorite is the pokemon abridged series.


BRUH, YUGIOH ABRIDGED :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

also what’s rwby

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We will need plenty of people for this series. Casting will be a separate post, so stay tuned.

This will involve more of the technical/soft skills necessary to actually make this project. editors for sound effects, audio, and video effects.

Video editing will be the most cumbersome, since there will be lip flaps to match our scripted audio (as well as any color corrections and zooming).

  • Sound effects is just finding the best sounds (or making them) and inserting them into the work
  • Audio editing is making sure VA audio comes out smoothly, including music into the episodes when necessary, and other video sounds do not cause ear rape (that’ll be another bit outside of this project)

I will have a role as main editor for these roles, but I will need other people to fill these roles. I am eager to let people experiment with these editing roles, as that will expedite the episode completion process and get people familiar with different techniques and skills.



Voice acting is a pretty big part in any animated series, and will be the most sought-out role (which is why it gets its own post). I’d like to say everyone here can be a VA, but I have to make this clear; there’s only so many characters in this series, and some people would fit the role better than others. I encourage any interested in this role to audition, since we will need background/extra voice acting (and any experience that cowms from this is good, regardless of the role). The characters for Volume 1 will be posted below.


This will save time to ask what this show is (this should’ve been in the overview, but oh well):


Official RT Site (with all episodes):


Yooo I love RWBY and abridged parodies are the best!:heart_eyes: I’m especially a fan of TFS work. I don’t know if you know, but there another abridged RWBY series done by a guy named ZehOverseer. If you haven’t seen his stuff you should check it out, it’s hilarious. :joy:

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I’ve seen his stuff before, and the writing is fairly good

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Volume 1 had plenty of characters. If you look at the link below, you’ll see the bios for each character that are involved in this season. There will be more roles in the future seasons, so it would be wise to look ahead if you want to audition for future seasons.

This link should also have more information for plot (writers should read this too):


We will need writers for plots, scripts, and general direction of the series. Unfortunately, this is similar to voice acting; there’s only so many we can have before we lose scope and not get anything done. This is a pretty big repsonsibility as well, since we want to write a series that’s fun for people to watch and can touch their souls.

I’m actually not sure who will be a part of the writing crew over time, so please understand why I cannot simply ask people for written scripts or suggestions alone. I can try something I have in mind with the community at large, so stay tuned.