Rupaul's Drag Race (and RPDR ALL STARS) Fans!

Hi Everyone!

Who’s Excited for ALL STARS TONIGHT?! I’m so pumped.
Does anyone know who the tenth queen is? I’m trying to search Reddit, and I am failing immensely.



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Trust me, you want the 10th queen to be a surprise. I had it spoiled for me and I’m mad

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OH NO!!! I guess I can wait a few hours though.
Someone told me that it was someone specific, and I almost gasped because I had to ask questions like “WHY HER?!?!?”

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Ok, Let’s get a poll going to see who we want to go at least to the TOP 3

  • Team Aja
  • Team BenDeLaCreme
  • Team Chi Chi DeVayne
  • Team Kennedy Davenport
  • Team Milk
  • Team Morgan McMichaels
  • Team Shangela
  • Team Thorgy Thor
  • Team Trixie Mattel

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Hey Everyone! only ten minutes until RPDR ALL STARS 3! WHO’S EXCITED?!

yo i don’t even watch rupauls drag race :cry:
i voted by accident :joy:

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awwwww man! its getting a little crazy right now.

I really wanted to watch the whole thing, but I watched some of the first episode then fell asleep a while after :joy:

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I am so shook at so many moments!
The reveal of the 10th queen…
The Variety Show…
Aja just killin’ the game and really improving from her first season…
Just wow!

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Did y’all watch it last night too?!

OH YES I DID! wow. Just wow.

…I have so many opinions. You first. Spill the TEA.