Rotate icon

I would like the ability to select an option that puts a little icon in a corner somewhere that indicates a particular video/byte is best viewed by rotating the phone horizontally. When the user rotates the phone horizontally the icon disappears and when the phone is vertical again it reappears.


I actually like this idea, but idk if other people will. lol seems neat

Byte is for vertical though so it would kind of defeat the whole purpose of the app.

i like the idea to have an icon, or some sort of indicator. i do turn my phone for yours, and [maybe] pillboy_beats because i think they’ve got some, too. but then i’m always turning my phone back, and forth when vertical videos come back up. I feel like a category for horizontal videos would be helpful, too.

The ‘purpose’ of the app is not a static orientation. It is a platform for people to express themselves in 6 sec with that expression being reinforced by a looping mechanism. It just happens that the platform is optimized for vertical videos while also allowing the freedom to scale videos down to square or other dimensions even. However, when scaling a horizontal video down to fit the vertical layout it becomes rather tiny when it could just be full screen like a vertical video where people turn their phone. An unobtrusive indicator to turn the phone for these full screen horizontal videos would really help accommodate for best viewing. Some people know to turn their phone already for these, but sometimes the author might want to make it clear that they prefer you to watch it by turning your phone.