Rookie page?

Anyone else think v2 should have a “rookie” page kinda like the original one’s popular page, but instead of showing the most viewed, it would show the top (10,20,30…) newest joined people so that the rookies can also be seen.


Yeah that’s a good idea, I’d help new people get discovered a little bit easier!

this is smart!!!

Well, the thing is, it doesn’t really help. If all goes well, thousands of people will be joining a day. This means that it would become over-saturated with users, making it hard for anyone to actually grab the spotlight. Also, some people won’t even make videos, so that might be a bit weird.


Yeah, some could be just spam accounts?? accounts that’ll never be used again??

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Well, you do have a point, so maybe make the rookie so that it shows just the new people that have like,say, a 100 or higher followers?