Robbery at work (storytime)

So it was closing time at work and my manager is supposed to lock up the safe and tills. We close at 12 and the last person we were serving was a lady who appeared to be a crackhead. Anyway she wasn’t any ordinary crackhead she was smart.

This woman decides to sneak into the shop through the back bin area and then hide in the changing rooms. She stayed there from 12am to 6am we didnt notice she was still in the shop and we all went home. When it reached 6 am she was dressed up in the McDonald’s uniform that she found in the locker room over night and proceeded to go into the safe that’s loose.

The whole time when the shop reopened the early morning workers were in the changing room chilling and the shift manager came in late.

The crackhead proceeded to steal from the safe which had an estimate of 10k or more or a bit less. They also steal from the till. This crackhead however didn’t seem serious and stole only one thousand and ran out through the window.

The crew member came a few minutes later and noticed money was all over the floor and came to the conclusion we got robbed.


What kinda crack do u mean cocaine or buttcrack

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lmao :joy:

I don’t know what kinda crack that person was taking maybe all of the shits