Road to 100 Followers

It has been a month and a half in the making but I’m close to my current Byte goal of hitting 100 followers. Thank you to everyone that has like my liked my content, followed me, and continue to follow me. I remember hitting 100 followers on vine when I was in middle school, feeling so accomplished but later heard the news of vine being shutdown :slightly_frowning_face:. Now I’m back where I left off with a 100 followers continuing to have Byte ideas pumping out daily ideas and writing them done in my notes. So again thank to the people that follow me, thank to the Byte community, and thank you Dom for giving me a second chance at vine :smile: :100: Next goal is 10k views and 250 followers, wish me luck :hugs:


Aye :love_you_gesture:t4::star2: - Congratulations


Congrats this is a great feeling

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hey guys !!follow my Byte its kevin.f I’ll follow back lets collab! Im excited for this app :slight_smile:

Nice Job. My byte is @AlexMantle. If you want we can collab

I’m down Kevin.f