Ripped content

Its a issue in almost every platform , i dont think watermark will be the solution . I think the best way to fix it is by adding report option for the post so you can report the ripped content and mention the orginal creator then it will be reviewed and deleted by the staff . Do you think it will work ?

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Well hmm maybe it could be hard since we won’t know if someone copies or mistakenly copies the content

or do you mean by reposting ?

Copying , it is kind of hard but i think it will at least reduce the copying , in IG in example if a video goes viral you will see it million times on diffrent account without credit to the owner , at least if the report option applied we wont see that ,

Okay i do understand a bit more

Of course flags and the ability to report would be on each posts but I feel like you need to first contact them personally before you want to take down their content and if, if they refuse then escalate to a report.

Maybe it’s just me but wouldn’t re-posting content gain you more publicity? I can see if someone is just ripping off original content but maybe I’m missing the point :sweat_smile:

If it’s your content though, then wouldn’t people realize that it’s not by the person, unless they were stealing your whole account and theme. And if they don’t admit to being a fake, then maybe you could report them.

i think if you verify your identity, it would be easier to take down accounts that stole your ideas etc. Plus it also shows respect. It’s like if Justin Bieber or a major singer didn’t have a verified account on youtube. There would be so many Bieber accounts with large followings and I’d subscribe to an account who deserves it, hopefully his. I don’t know if my examples made sense. oops i did this wrong

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Totally made sense

the best way to counter plagiarized content is to get the community on the track that it’s not going to be okay to post it, get them to flag it, then have a review/ staff team that can deal with it

what if every piece of content had a tiny watermark in the bottom corner that signifies who posted it. so that when you see it slightly cut off at the bottom, we would know it’s been reshaped. thoughts?

But if they cut off the watermark, then you won’t even know who originally posted it unless the person see’s its been reposted and stolen.

correct, but like i was saying, if it exists in the bottom corner and someone else tries to crop it and repost it, then you can kinda tell that the video looks different.

Yeah I get what you mean :blush:. I was mainly thinking about how the person would then gain credit if you known what I mean

Here’s the discussion that’s been happening about how they should combat this: Stolen Content

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