RIP Tika.... to My Little Girl

… Tika has gone upstairs with Jesus Christ… RIP Tika, my sweet baby girl. I love you…

We together, adopted Tika for Christmas on Dec.18th 2018 (Christmas girl)
Last night… Nov. 23th 2020 at 11:50pm 12am…RIP Tika, my baby girl… I am so deeply sad…

I was in our bedroom, I heard a really loud noice, Tika was behind the couch, and I thought Lola was bugging her. I had been watching Tika every 10 minutes, it felt like, when I went to go check on her and the noice, she had stopped… Breathing… I hurdled over couch and I was there when Jesus Christ took her home upstairs… I comforted her and thanked her, always told her, “I’m your girl, and you’re my girl and we will always fine one another…and your dad too feels that same, and so does Lola and Smasha.” You gotta tell your loved ones this… Everyday.

The Vet said on Thursday, with an x-ray, Tika had Lung Cancer… There’s no way… She’s only 7yrs??? Vet said 16yrs… Tika and Lola chanced one another all the time…Tika could keep up with Lola. Very sweet to the oldest girl, Smasha (17yrs)

My Grandma’s cousin from Jersey (who passed from Covid-19…) Crocheted a blanket for us… I wrapped her in it, put her in a kitty bed, lite a candle, put a picture of Christ, listen to music…cried, and still crying.

BF was not home, working… we are in morning, crying together…

I will always spritally feel you Tika…

Thank you @dom and Byte Staff, Spotlight of Tika. ಥ_ಥ…Thank you



Sorry for your loss :pensive:

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I’m so sorry

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Noooooooo! Tika was so beautiful! :weary: So very sorry for your loss.

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Sorry for your loss, rest in peace Tika :cry:

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much love bud. sending :heart: love your way at this time of loss :cry:

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I’m so sorry :hearts:

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