Revisiting rebytes

It’s been a while since we put in the mitigations for rebytes. To refresh your memory, the mitigation basically affected how quickly your rebyte would go out to your followers. At the time, it was due to excessive spamming for clout, rebyte 4 rebyte, and trying to trend on the Pop Now page.

We’re in a pretty different place nowadays so we’re going to look at rebytes again in the near future and start by reducing the mitigation a bit. This means that rebytes will go out more quickly and behave more like you’d expect.

The other thing we’ll be looking into is bringing the rebyte button to the top level of the post object so you can do it it one tap.

Finally, we’ll probably need some optional filtering in place to make sure this is a good experience for people who wanna control what kind of rebytes they see a bit more, so we’ll look at that too.


If this sucks for some reason, we can go back to how it is now. But I feel like it might turn out good this time?


I support.

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I think it’ll be great

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A silent button on profiles that ReByte too much would be cool forsure… just in case.


This sounds cool!
Will we be able to maybe see rebytes on basis of category?
I love seeing more like soothing and food and cottagecore, but don’t necessarily want for more “funny” outside of those I follow, for instance.


Please please please make the rebyte button that accessible. That would be amazing. Also, can we update the notifications tab to filter rebytes?


This sounds like a good and metered response.


Big agree. I would love the option to turn off rebytes from specific accounts I follow. (:


Rebytes DEFINITELY set us apart from TikTok and other apps cause it means the algorithm isn’t the final say on whether a post is seen or not, so flaunting that, I think, is necessary and great!!


Sounds good to me. Would it be possible to know which are rebytes though? I just see bytes from people I don’t follow on my following tab with no idea why or who rebyted. (Android 10)


lesson learned, I’m looking forward to this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep up the good work Captain Dom

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Nice Dom, stoked to see this new rebyte feature and stoked to see what you do next with the team.
:100: the Best app creator in the world.
We are here no Mather what happens next.

I feel like I have never had issues with rebytes so I say it’s okay.

I’m excited for this!

FINALLY the rebyte button won’t be hiding in the share button

Is it live? My feed right now is just the same 2-3 people spam rebyting so my first impression of this change is :face_vomiting:

it’s not live

The way the current rebyte system is in place, would a stack of rebytes ALL go through, just with a delay in timing? maybe thats why I got confused. I just didnt notice this until i saw the annoucement