Revine 🤷‍♂️ ( Reposting )

Shall it be called “ Revine “ anymore?

  • Yes ! :+1:
  • No ! :-1:

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New app new terminology


I agree, v2 should be inspired by vine, not a mock up of what once was


I like this term :smile:

I’d like the whole concept of “revine” done away with. It was one of the reasons for a lot of abuse and the growth and subsequent degrade of the “mega viner” you had revine for revine BS and there is a reason alone for dropping that concept

v2 can’t drop the concept of reposting. It’s only the name that will have to change.

maybe :blush:

V2 is not the second part of Vine, they can’t call the repost “Revine”

This is not vine, this is something new. I bet in few days we will know more about it.

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Maybe we could call it “Grow” as in vines grow?
Like, “Hey, I like this Vine, I’m going to Grow it!”

i’ll just put in a vote for ‘reblog,’ since we se how well tumblr does with that.

The concept of “revine” does not mean literally revine :roll_eyes:. I mean putting others works on your page (for some reason?) never got that. It was just the want of many to be “revined” by a person with lots of followers to subsequently become popular… you’d get thousands of new follows but. Your counts would still be low. Why? It was because your fab posting was a fad and they wouldn’t look at anything else you did. With a team concept this initiative might be a better collaborative system.

I mean they can’t. The trademark is literally in the term. But it’d love to have the feature though

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It will be called repost. I don’t think Dom will give it a personal name as he’s been calling it “Repost”

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