Review byte on the app store

Done it!


:star::star::star::star::star: only :triumph:


:star::star::star::star::star: baybeeeeee!


We love it when one large TikToker tells their fans to put this app at 1 star so you start seeing people commenting 1 star like “Tiktok is better”


Lmao that happened? Yikes

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Yeah, dude named BenoftheWeek did a review of it when it came out and basically said it was a copy of Vine, and I was like, yeah because it’s meant to be.


Done! Anything i can do to support the app and community! :grin::heart:


I can’t find us in google play… we need more android users and idk if it’s a lack in features or if everyone really does have an iPhone.

Here’s the link to the play store :


I meant, I can’t find the app in the top 1k apps for android play store.

Done :white_check_mark:

were back down to 110 app store social media!! how!!!

All campaigns that are community driven (such as getting everyone to review it or to trend on twitter) will result in a temporary spike, but without sustained campaigns (such as marketing), our numbers will correct ourselves.

No need to be discouraged, we’re doing great.


As well posting videos on your insta as well. Snapchat is the best way for sure because it’s like having a face to face convo! Trust me :slight_smile:

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yeah I kind of figured it was pretty fun to do though. I never felt so empowered before lol.

mmm yea… that works sometimes… but it’s really hard to do so because sometimes you get fake people and bots on instagram and snap…

true but like I open snap and the just literal influx of well… inappropriate groupchat requests etc floods my dm requests to the point where I don’t know if it is an actual person talking to me or not. I had someone on byte message me and almost deleted it because i thought it was more spam… that can get really annoying and like I can’t stop it.

I already watched but he does admit that he’s biased. Also that was at launch and some of his points are invalid at this point cause of patches :man_shrugging:t2: So far this is the worst review on byte and even at that it isn’t that harsh so that’s good


Done! Let’s win the App store!!