Reuploader in byte app

how do you guys think about reuploader in byte app? ( :vine: 2 )
Is that a problem?
or can make byte app more popular cross social media platform?


what do you mean, are u talkin about the revine-rebyte option? or sharing to other platforms


i mean… maybe Someday other user try to reupload your original videos from byte app to other social media by using your name (Fake account) what will you gonna do?
and if they do that… will byte app can be more popular by that reuploader? or you wanna take down that videos?

and about the revine-rebyte option… it doesn’t matter if they add your Byte name as watermark in your videos from Byte app.

I imagine you will be able to report the post for stolen content.


If thats the case maybe byte can have watermarks

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…like TikTok

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I think overtime, Byte will gain more attention than any reuploads. At the beginning tho, vids could either be stolen and uncredited or give byte more exposure, so I guess we’ll see :man_shrugging: