Reuploaded content

Should reuploaded content be allowed? What do you think? All is fair? Only by the owner if he or she chooses? Not at all?

  • NO! It’ll ruin the app
  • Sure! If the owner says it’s okay
  • Yeah! I want all the iconic videos back

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I don’t have any problems, If the owner want to do this go ahead

Well, as long as the owner says it’s okay for a person to reupload, not much we can do.
However, I think that creators will just start paying pages to upload their content to the page.

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I think it would be boring to see the same content on IG that I see on V2. I also feel like it depends on the artists because some people profitted off of work on YouTube

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Since this app is going to be brand new, why not have the content be brand new and original as well.

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I agree with both of these

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I don’t want too much of that, there’s no need to do that other than to try and get views, you can find those videos all over YouTube so it’s not like it’s lost forever. I especially don’t want new accounts to “recreate” old vines pretending it’s new. It’ll just be kinda lame if that’s all that happens

I think it should be cool but they should also make new content and not depend only on older stuff

If the owner says it ok then that’s fine, it could be cool to see what artists create from another artists video

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Sure, why not?

I have all my old vines saved and I would love to see some of them to loop again. :slight_smile:

What I’m looking forward to the most is the new videos. I’d hate to see the same stuff we’ve been seeing since 2014

Well maybe it would be okay.

If @dom says it’s okay but I prefer not as we can already access the old content through youtube or insta.

I agree. Although a lot of the stuff would be fun to see again. We could just watch it on YouTube cuz those reuploads could take away a lot of views from the new content peopke will be making a trying to promote.

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