Retire 'For Your Consideration'?

Although it’s nice to discover new creators on the app, the ‘For your consideration’ feature seems to always show the same people. I understand not pulling new [unmoderated] videos into peoples considerations since that can be dangerous, however, the feature keeps bringing up people I have already considered many times and chose not to follow. People may not be fans of a certain persons content and won’t end up following them (which is fine), but then it becomes quite annoying to see those people STILL show up in your following tab as a consideration. Others seem to be noticing the same thing. Heres a thread by Austin Harris on it: For your consideration

With the new addition of ‘your mix’ being on our home feeds, I wanted to get the communities opinion on how they feel about the ‘For your consideration’ feature being retired. The reason I’m suggesting retiring it is because I believe your mix does a fine job of exposing you to new content to consider compared to the consideration feature. It would also be nice to see only content from people you follow (+their rebytes) in your following tab.

Hope this thread doesn’t come off as harsh or rude, but its just something that has been bothering me and many other community members for a while.


Yeah, it’s a little strange and sometimes I get creepy or innapropriate things recommended and I don’t really appreciate that.


I would consider myself your ‘average byter’ in that I have a very outside-view on the app. Invested, but at the same time, removed. I browse a few categories here and there, scroll through a few pages, or manually check some of my favorite users. Stuff like that.

That being said, I don’t use ‘for your consideration’ for the same reasons you listed. I find that the ‘your mix’ being on the homepage essentially defeats its purpose. The exploration page is for things like spotlight / popular / categories, and FYC seems like a watered down Your Mix, though, I wouldn’t mind if the algorithms were improved upon a bit and mixed into the Your Mix, or maybe put onto the Homescreen after a bit of improvement. It is, after all, integral for finding smaller, unknown users, which was its intended purpose, but it just seems to show people I already know, basically a Following 2.


I don’t like the “for your consideration” I KEEP getting the same content creator recommended :triumph:. Sometimes I may not enjoy the considers or it gets repetitive to a point that I wanna block the creator


but I don’t usually block/report content. However, I like hoping that it disappears but doesn’t and also refresh which it doesn’t.

I liked your consideration when it used to recommend the latest upload from the new content creators. I guess it’s better off when it’s best to substitute for “Mix".


Ya, like I mentioned, I think your mix does a good job of showing you new creators already, so I dont really see a NEED to keep FYC. And @Pac I know exactly what you mean. I keep seeing the same videos that Im not really a fan of, and I dont want to resort to blocking them just so I dont have to see it again

@PlasticRice ya, i think your mix can replace FYC. I first thought changing its algorithm would fix it, but then it would start to become just a your mix 2.0. Also not a big fan of getting the current FYC algorithm added to your mix without change, since im not really a fan of any of the videos i’ve seen so far in all honesty


I agree. It can be annoying too because not only will I see the same people multiple times, I’ll also see the exact same byte (one byte I saw at least 5 times recommended to me) and it actually made the byte annoying a little bit because I’d seen it so many times lol.


And I have so far liked the your mix category a lot more and I’ve found a few people on it


if for your consideration gets killed can we call it for your condolences


:cry: rip


I feel the same way. I thought the feature was already retired as I wasn’t seeing any new “for your consideration” posts… It really does feel that Your Mix is a direct competitor to FYC…


wait whaaat? it still exists??? tf


I don’t mind the feature but you make a strong argument against it. It does seem odd to be there when your home feed is the only place to see content from people you told the app you want to see.


I hope my videos weren’t annoying anyone if they came up as FYC :sob:


In other platforms FYC is a good feature to get recommended content from creators you’ve never heard of before. Though agreed it’s just pushing bytes from the bigger byters already that I’m not following.

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MANNNN… I ENJOY YOUR CONTENT. I prefer seeing your content appear on my consideration


Its has the same usefulness of the your mix section in the search tab. Just pointless now because all of the features are now in your mix in your home section now. Thats like having a watch, wall calendar and Walkman and owning a cellphone too.

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YESSS. thanks Pac :fire::dizzy::muscle:t4:

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+1 to what @Pac said. Never felt your videos were intrusive, and I found out about your content from FYC :laughing: .


I’m torn on this one. I like seeing these videos pop up in my feed here and there, but I admit that I usually’ve seen a fair few of them before they show up in FYC due to rebytes etc. With the spotlight category and all of the updates to the algorithm, it might be time to retire it.

haha thanks for that ! :fire: