Restrictions Mode

I want byte to add “Restriction Mode” in setting so I can view only (family and friendly content.) I’m too lazy to report videos. :pensive:

-Have toggle on/off switch in settings
-An advanced bot that detects none friendly content, but will be improved over time
-It’s better for those who are sensitive
-We have KIDS on the app!

Lol, I know few might be astonished on what I’m advocating for — but I’ve come across some none friendly content in the latest including toxic audio. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep it PG for my Eyes & Ears


I think it’s a good idea. Sometimes I want to show my kids some of the funnier PG bytes, and they want to see more bytes, and I’m like :grimacing:.


What would count as family friendly?


Good question.

Whatever system Instagram/twitter/youtube has in place. It’ll have a disclaimer on that’s NSFW since the app is 17+. It’ll be similar that more so kid-friendly.

For example:

via AppStore


Mmm I can’t genuinely give an opinion on this. My issue while i think it could possibly work. Is that those other platforms have substantially larger reach and ability to implement such systems. i.e. more people monitoring content. A program scanning each video for specific words in different languages. Which doesn’t account for the fact that there could be text in the video.


I agree, however, I’m not an expert but I’m just giving ideas, this might be a long term idea as byte rapidly grows. I think this is easy to implement if they have the right people that know-how to. It’ll probably apply for text as well :thinking:

I want this since this is important and we have KIDS on the app.


Agreed :100:! Nothing to add really. I just think this is a necessity for some people and the kids.