Restrict Video Importing

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Adam2Miles here with some suggestions for the V2 support team!

The purpose of vine was to use your phone, record a funny video that was 10 seconds, and share it around the world. Key word in that being use your phone. A lot of content creators weren’t using your standard phone camera. Instead they used some high end video cameras and decent video editing software to make their videos. Me personally I think this takes away from the heart of what vine is.

I suggest when V2 comes out that video importing is restricted at least for the start because not only will you have content that feels more genuine but you will also prevent previous vines from v1 from being uploaded and flooding V2… which is inevitable.

Let me know what you think below!



I personally think that allowing people to import videos allows for much more creativity. It’s the person behind the camera, and what is being recorded that matters. Things like animation, magic edits (like Zach King), etc won’t be uploaded to V2 if they can’t import videos.

We know that huge creators will come here and could upload their videos, but preventing them from uploading will also prevent some very creative people

Even if we prevent it at the start of V2, it will prevent those good content creators from gaining a following just when the app starts.


A very valid point! I just think at the beginning it should be some what restricted because the flood of old stale vines being uploaded. Also I have a feeling that people who do animation and magic edits, will most likely already have pre-recorded vines ready to flood their channel with. Which isn’t a bad thing. If they allow uploading I assume a lot of people will be pre-recording videos before the beta and just uploading loads.

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Good point. Would hate to see people just spamming timelines with content to get fame, and I wish there was a different way to prevent old vines from being uploaded, but I guess that’s all part of the game.


I’m curious how many of the old famous V1 refugees will make it back on to V2. A lot of them moved to Youtube and other things like instagram and twitter. I wonder who is going to come back especially the ones that became successful on their other platforms.

I’d like to import videos. Make a professional one-one day, not just raws.


I feel like raws feel more real and less like I’m watching some big budget video for 10 seconds… lol

I’d like to import videos, even if people have bad camera quality it’s still only for fun really

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They are people who their phones have awful camera. Do you thinks that all the succefuls and popular ex-viners that you know use their phone to record or editing their videos? That is wrong, to make the best quality to video you need the best things, the cameras and the best editing programs can give you that.


Right, the people who will upload animations,music and montage need the computer to edite


I said the same, to make the best things you need the best resources

I understand why you want to limit file uploading, Vine didn’t have that option for quite a while, so most people were creating vines with their phone. It forced a lot of people to be creative.

But eventually the top viners learned how to get around that and were uploading videos using other apps. Then Vine finally gave in and added the ability for everyone to do it without going through third-party apps, which helped level the playing field a bit.

So it would just be better to start out with the ability to upload video because people will find a way to do it anyway. And I believe Dom hinted that we will be able to upload video in V2, so, it’s inevitable. Yes, it’ll mean some people will just start uploading a flood of old vines, but then you can just not follow those people and try to only follow those who will be uploading new, original content.


Trust me, people who owns iPhone 6S or higher and Samsung users (the latest phones, idk what they are called) will have good quality videos without needing of a professional camera.

We should be able to upload our videos on vine. A small reminder: 95% of The vines that we love and watch were pre-recorded.

No one is going to record a fight, something funny happening in real life l, etc. using a app that records only 6 seconds. People will use the camera of the phone or record it via Snapchat.

Also, as mentioned above. People like ZachKing won’t be able to share their amazing videos on v2.


With technology advances, I disagree with your opinion. Everyone has a different niche and some are edits such as Zach King which cannot be recorded and posted. That 6 second clip needs to be edited. V2 should be accessible for everyone


I don’t know. I feel like being able to import allows for more creativity. It might not be a good idea to limit that.


I think importing videos should still remain on the platform. Not just because it creates better quality videos, but also because a large number of viners made fandom edits on the platform and that part of the community would probably continue on V2.


Solid opinions glad to have the different opinions. I figure it’ll do more good than harm in the long run. Just have to adapt like bear grills, drink from the vine and amass a following any way you can. Best of luck to all of you!!!

So true, I was importing via jailbroke iPhone within 6 months

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95% of my videos were edited , even though they were 6 seconds they took 2 hours to make.
So as long as it’s not spam, I think we should be allowed to upload videos edited, saved, & just recorded.


Your vines were hilarious! I remember them

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