Restoring old V***s onto V2

Does anyone else think that having the option to restore their old Vines onto V2 would be a good idea?

Back when Vine was shutting down, the app ‘Coub’ allowed us to store our vines onto there, so surely that could be possible for V2? - In that case, it would still feel like we’re continuing Vine and not starting completely fresh and new.

(This would be great for me personally as my Vine link is broken for some reason, so I am unable to view my feed, see:

I hope Dom takes this into consideration and not be too much hassle. Let me know what you guys think! :smiley:


Vine is now owned by Twitter and this upcoming project, dubbed “v2” for now, will be something different. One of the problems that came up before was the issue of re-posting old Vines and how to avoid that for this app. While I understand why, it would be unfair to those who don’t have saved vines. Also, all artists should start fresh and post new content to the app.


People are already reposting old vines on the phony v2 app. its sad theyre so desperate for attention.


Idk if this would be possible since the new app is supposed to be different. And I understand if people would love to restore their old vines though.
But I like the thought of us starting completely fresh. Since this is something new and also definitely a new era, we should all „start from scratch“ and bring a different kind of energy :blush: .


I think a fresh new start would be a lot better


The app won’t be successful if you could do that, vines were so great because they were so relevant at the time. Its a different time and if this app will be successful it needs a fresh start, there will be no point in people using v2 as you can see all these compilations on youtube.

I like the idea of starting anew, a fresh start for everyone. :slight_smile:


agreed with everyone above and would like to note that twitter/ the creators have rights to these and we can’t just take them and post them as we wish


then how comes coub was allowed to let viners post their vines onto there?

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Id stick to new and fresh content

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because the viners were posting them.

I think it’s better to have a new app with fresh new content. Might be inevitable tho with people reposting their original favourite vines for votes tho

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I would agree with this, but I’m not sure if that’s possible, and all the popular vines were re-uploaded to youtube weren’t they?

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no, i didn’t post them. there was literally an option to store all vines onto it with the captions. coub did it as a nice gesture after we found out vine was shutting down, so that people still had a place for all their content to be on. all 1000+ of my vines are on coub