Rest in peace v2

With all due respect, Dom should never announced it and these forums should never have been created. Keep it under wraps, because now you have a bunch of disappointed people, fake ‘V2’ accounts, clone apps, etc, etc.

It was well intentioned, and it was exciting for a little bit…but it’s a goose egg.

Listen kids, it’s a hard truth, but remember: You can’t go home again.



It’s delayed not cancelled. But it seems hype will die down for it and when the app comes out not be as popular as it would have been.


I don’t know why people are thinking V2 died… It’s DELAYED, not cancelled as @TheKingHusker just said! He’s short on money. It’s kind of hard to have a day job, a house or apartment, paying bills, food, taxes, etc. And also at the same time developing an app! It’s kind of hard… I really want him to start a gofundme or something, cause people are willing to help out!


He has every right to say stuff :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. He was probs proud that he could bring something so iconic back… due to a financial issue that isn’t happening right now, and that’s perfectly fine.


honestly you should delete this post lol. V2 isn’t cancelled, and if you don’t feel like contributing positivity or constructive criticism on the forums then you don’t have to be on them if you don’t want to :slight_smile:


Not possible to delete a thread on this site, they can only be locked.

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If I end up being wrong, great! Here’s an instance where I’d love to be wrong and eat my words. But I kind of felt like this was going to be the case, for all the reasons Dom mentioned.

I’m also allowed to express my opinion/disappointment on the topic. I wasn’t being disrespectful or nasty. I said it was well intentioned, but maybe he should have kept it under wraps until it was more definitive.

I like the idea of a GoFundMe! Dom needs people to back up his cause!


:weary::weary::sob::sob::sob:I agree with @onkelchrispy I wish @dom would have never said anything at all. I honestly thought he had everything figured out. Or at least he was willing to make ALL the sacrifices necessary to make V2 a reality. SMH. The internet was going to be fun again. That’s all gone…back to the dictatorship that is Youtube.

No GoFundMe??? No Indiegogo??? Anything worth having is hard to attain.
And the whole “sequelitis” excuse ain’t nothing but fear. Fear holds us back from being great.

It was a real lack of judgement on his part to announce something like this without having the APP finished or close to it. Most of the hype is already dead which sucks because of the lack of updates and posts by Dom and the team. Not to mention the postponing, he basically killed the app. It had so much potential ffs…

I disagree with you. I believe creating these forums created a great community and I wouldn’t have talked to any of you guys if it wasn’t for @dom. Also, v2 is not canceled!


It’s a nice community, but a community full of people who may not receive the very thing the community was founded on, and that is sad. Well intentioned, sure, but will the enthusiasm and commitment be rewarded?

It’s ‘postponed indefinitely’ which is a nice way of saying: “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Also, as far as finances go. Who is going to help him finance the follow up to an app that lost money/couldn’t make any? And specific, when the sequel to that app has so many legal hurdles to jump?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly disappointed. I was and still am incredibly bummed out. Vine was a medium and platform which really suited me creatively. I really miss the immediacy/intimacy of it, and there’s NOTHING else like it. Most other forms of social media, there is a detachment and coldness. But with everything @dom has going on I really don’t see it happening. And I hope I’m wrong.


I agree with @onkelchrispy. He’s not being negative, he’s just being honest and real. Let’s face it, this isn’t a happy situation for any of us who got our hopes up.

Saying the app will be postponed “indefinitely” could mean 6 months or 6 years or forever. The problem is, the longer it is postponed, the more likely it will never happen because these other knock-off apps will by then figure out how to fill the void left by Vine. But it’ll never be the same or anything close to what Vine was. Which is too bad, because as Onkel said, Vine was a unique platform that was unlike anything else at the time. Twitter just threw all that away, which was incredibly stupid of them.

If there’s no V2 app within a year, I don’t think the project will end up being postponed forever. Someone else will come out with an app that comes close to what Vine was in the meantime (and that isn’t OEVEO by any stretch) and it’ll just make V2 look like the “Me Too” app, not the “authentic” sequel to Vine.

I, too, hope I’m wrong and that Dom somehow figures out how to get around all the hurdles he mentioned by the end of 2018, but I’m not getting my hopes up. Been there, done that.


Someone should make a gofundme so Dom and the team could have funds

Again, not a good idea. Nobody donate to any Kickstarter or GoFundMe out there for v2. Unless @dom creates one or approves of one, there should be none.