Responsible Gen Z Conversation

So it seems that a lot of us have flocked to byte, things have started to get chaotic very quickly. We all know that tiktok might be banned in the US so I think a thread for Gen Z is in order. Mainly that we don’t leave this app a mess.

Fellow Gen Z, drop ideas for us to keep people that are acting inappropriately in check.

Keep it nice please, I kind of really like this app and haven’t harassed anyone.


Just block people who are being jerks so they don’t get loops or likes! And if what they’re doing is a reportable offense, always report it :slight_smile:


as a member of gen z myself and a long time byte enthusiast i welcome all new tik tok’ee’s however i need to remind them that byte is not tiktok and it won’t tolerate harassment or hate speech towards anyone or any group

kthx enjoy the app