Require using the byte camera for /noupload

i’m not sure if this would be too extreme, but the /noupload channel is literally described as “low-effort videos captured with the byte camera”. it’s not too bad now, but i still see tiktoks being posted into /noupload, which is the entire opposite of the point of the channel.

i, personally, think it would be fair to actually not give people the option to post on /noupload if they use a video from their camera roll. thoughts? would this even be possible?


True but every channel :tv: has a mod that should take care of stuff like that. anything that goes against :no_entry: a channel rules :spiral_notepad: gets moved :arrow_right: to /general by the channels specific mod.

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But I’m on a droid :sleepy: my framerates would go :roller_coaster::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down::arrow_double_down: real fast :sweat_smile:

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that makes sense, but i feel like it would just be easier for everyone involved if videos from camera roll arent even able to be posted on the channel in the first place.


I mean I just upload sensory overload with text to the trash channel so it’s not like I would mind it😂

That would be a little bit difficult to do since you would not only be doing that for two different platforms IOS and Android but theres no way to detect a video made on bytes camera unless they just deactivated the camera roll feature for that channel but then that would be soo many more problems.

It also says “absolutely no uploading from camera roll” but what if I record on byte camera and just save to camera roll for when I have wifi to post it :pleading_face:


getting beme kinda vibes from this and im really liking it

i really like this suggestion and think it would open up a whole new avenue for content creators who create authentic content. it would definitely make me want to join /noupload :eyes:


This is just one more reason why we need drafts :pensive:


So my main account is strictly no uploads but I often run into issues uploading without WiFi, I think its fair to save it and upload to the channel still.

usually we do, however the channel moderating was decreased during the storm


This channel is my home and there is a serious squatters issue. It genuinely bothers me that people can’t take the channels and the rules a bit more seriously, especially with /no upload as I see it as an homage to OG Vine that should be treated with respect :sweat_smile:


haha true that storm was pretty big so that definitely understandable!

I actually had the same thought a while back. If a rule is it has to be the byte camera then that makes sense and moderation would be a lot easier. Also promotes the use of the byte camera.