Request to download byte

Right now anyone can download anyone’s bytes and do whatever they want with it. It would help protect the interests of a creator if instead you had to send a request message asking for download permission and the Creator could then grant access on the specific byte to the specific user who asked for permission.
The message would be a good opportunity to explain why you want to download it and could lead to collaboration relationships.
I think it would also be good for a creator to make a byte downloadable by anyone, but this wouldn’t be the default.


Wholeheartedly agree that this should be a thing, eliminate the ease with which someone can use your content without your permission.


whoever wants to download my bytes, u have my permission m8 :slight_smile: <3


An easy way to circumvent this would be to screen record the byte, though.


As well as this, if the user really wanted the video they could easily pull it up on the browser version and “save video as” from there.


Both are very true, however those both take a little more thinking and effort so it would happen less often.

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Besides you can be banned for using other people content. (Cuz not everyone’s arse is stick free)


That’s interesting though. Because of fair use I would imagine that using someone’s content in a transformative way would be allowed. Assuming the way it’s transformed doesn’t violate any other rules of Byte.

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Then again, YouTube takes down videos that are clearly fair use in favor of the person making the copyright claim all the time. So maybe that’ll be the same situation with Byte.

If someone is using someone else’s content in a way they don’t feel comfortable with, and are asked to take it down and they refuse to comply…that’s a huge problem. Suspension or banning is an appropriate response.


I agree with you except when it’s fair use, then it doesn’t matter how the original Creator feels. From the perspective of the platform at least. In terms of respect, it obviously isn’t right. But I’d it’s fair use then the second person should not be banned or punished in any way.

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I get how it could be annoying personally if someone uses your stuff without permission. Personally, if I made a video with someone’s bytes (like I’ve done with a few including @DeCool) and they didn’t like it I’d just take it down to keep the peace, but legally, I should be allowed to keep the video up.

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Yes, but implementing something akin to an agreed “OK” to using a Byte would help make it easier to report and take action against someone who’s used your content without permission and decides to go against (at this juncture) community guidelines.

Having recently dealt with an issue involving a user taking my content without permission, even though the Byte team did admirably in responding to my complaint, I feel there were still a few too many steps I needed to take to get the posts removed and for something to be done. Applying something like a “request to download” option would help provide further clarity to what kind of action should be taken if someone circumvents the request and goes about it via screen record or something like it.


Well, of course: that’s what a decent person like yourself would do. However, unfortunately there are less-than-decents in the mix who, after requesting the removal of a post, flat out refuse.

And, when it comes to “legally”, here’s what it says under the Byte Terms of Service regarding the use of another user’s content:

Respecting Others’ User Content. Subject to our rights under Section 6, you acknowledge that all User Content and any content related thereto are the property of the respective user that makes the User Content available through the Services or, if made explicit on the Services, us. You acknowledge and agree that Byte is not responsible or liable for your User Content, including, without limitation, any user’s Communications, including yours.

So, technically, if you are asked to remove a post where you used someone’s original content and you refuse to do so, you are breaking Byte’s terms. Now, this is a very extreme case, as I know pretty much the majority of the community is fine with a bit of playing with each other’s content here and there, but you know what they say about a few bad apples…


:apple: :bug:

An app that shall not be named has the option of allowing the creator to decide if their videos can be downloaded from the app for each video they create/upload. Byte should implement the same. But as a few others mentioned above, that is very easy to get around with screen recording.

That said, anyone is welcome to download my videos and to spoof or roast me if they want, as long as they put my @ in the caption. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a license

It sounds like the Creative Commons attribution license to be exact. Cool stuff to think about

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Some friction is better than no friction

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