Repurposing Byte as a V2 alternative?

Hey @dom , I have no idea if this is possible, but what about updating Byte and kind of using a similar layout to how u were going to use with V2? The infrastructure is already there, the app is already there, there is a built in fan base with V2 as seen with the outpouring of people wanting to create kickstarters. I don’t think there can be any legal issues with Byte since you already released it and own the name. You could just modify it a bit to make it how you envisioned V2, but just keep the brand name as Byte. Make it a true spiritual successor, but using existing branding and technology. Think of it like this, Super Mario Bros 2 was created from another obscure video game called Doki Doki Panic, so maybe the same thing can be done with Byte by reimagining it into a variation of V2.


It’s definitely a possibility I suppose, but the issues were more than just legal. There’s monetary issues, and Dom said he just doesn’t have the time. I think we’d all rather wait for a fully fleshed out version than some reskinned buggy alternative. Let’s not rush him on it so that we get the best product when the time comes.


@dom , do I get some sort of special badge since I thought of reusing the Byte name for V2 back in May? :wink: :yellow_heart::heart::blue_heart: Great minds think alike! So excited to try the new Byte out!


You deserve a medal dude. Forward thinker :thinking:


Haha, thanks buddy!


v2 is literal trash ive been trying to use it to just keep busy and the app has so little features its actually insane. all the creators using that shit will flock to byte asap lol

yeaaa i truly think byte would have a chance at being at the top soley cus its by the creators of vine themselves, and tbh its been hyped aswell, and we’ll continue to hype it

*1/3 creators

oh wow… this is great

Legit? It’s only Dom not Russ and the others?

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Thanks @ShonziTho ! I still can’t believe some idea I had 6 months ago actually happened. I wonder if any of the dev team saw my post? Either way, super cool that it came true.

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There was another dude named Colin Kroll who was the third hand in the making. Then there was probably a whole team that I don’t know the names of.
I hope ALL the peeps working on the app get adequate exposure for their work.

O woops I read that wrong. Rus and Colin are working together at HQ Trivia, a successful game show app which they founded.

They’re talking about the original V2 - how Dom envisioned it before the legal complications popped up and he had to start all over. Not the awful copy-cat app.

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Wait I’m confused… Dom already had an app called Byte?

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It was an app he created that came out in 2015. Think Mario Paint mixed with Vine mixed with Adobe Photoshop/After Effects. You could make a collage of original music, animations, art and video.


Over the course of the last 8-9 months or so, we had a list of roughly 50 names we were interested in and started investigating. Byte was one of our top picks through the entire process. We didn’t really use the name to its full potential back then, so we’re going to use it again. :slight_smile:


I remember posting this right when it was announced that V2 couldn’t be used anymore. Crazy this ended up happening. Can’t believe this was 2 years ago. Time flies…


Lol :skull:

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