Reports and Appeals

Before I start, thanks to @kaden and @AIexander for giving me the idea to share this post :,)

So obviously there are going to be some banned accounts on V2, but then again it could be accidental, maybe not. Maybe you messed up but want to make it right? What if there could be an appeal system to get your account back? Maybe it could be something like


Name of the account appealing : (@Username)

Reason for appealing : (False Ban/Reason for your ban)

Why should we unban you? :

Something like that basically. There should also be a report page where people can report spam accounts and stuff,



i think that this would be not only beneficial to the communtiy but to the connection between staff and users, which has unexplainable value

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Of course there should be a appeal page. You should always fight for what you have, its not fair for them to delete it and u have no say in it

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

That example is how it was down on a Minecraft Forum some people and I used to moderate. A person who was temp banned or perm banned would PM a moderator and that moderator would give that user an answer. Of course, there were moderators who had some bias towards users and who they didn’t like. So, in that case, a group of moderators would chime in to seek a verdict. There are instants in which a ban was a mistake and we just apologize. So, I just suggest a group of moderators to monitor the forums can get the job done, given that there will be an influx of users in the coming days.

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