Reporting trolls with no content, bad behaviour

Not sure if this has been discussed. A recent spree of nasty comments are being posted to comments by accounts that have no content. They post them soon erase the nasty comment so you can’t report the comment. They’ve no content so no evidence there. All you can do is report the account, which I’m sure will not be dealt with because there’s no infraction seen. Only other solution is block them, meanwhile they just move their trolling nasty comments to the next victims.

Anyone seen this? Anyone want to discuss? As we are NOT allowed to post these trolls here to reach a wider group they will just keep it up. Most are just “meh”, but I’m sure many others it bothers them deeply. That’s is why I write about this situation.



Yup! I’ve started taking screenshots because it’s extremely annoying.


Byte currently has 12 known moderators:]
I do think that byte should add more with the extra traffic from TikTok there is gonna be a large amount of trollers and bad behaviour. I would honestly love to be a role model for the users using byte by being a moderator.

We aren’t moderators on the app lol that list is just for forum mods!


Ooooooooooooooooooh lmao :rofl:

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woop, that needs to be changed @Benf. im not sure if i can add people to betatester’s group (i wont), but it looks like i still can… :grimacing:


Oop yeah that’s interesting. I’ll ask around and see if I can change that!